The Significance of Tanning Lotions

At Easy Tan Salon and Spa we want you to get the most out of your tanning bed experience. People often ask if tanning lotions are necessary for indoor tanning, so we felt it was necessary to share the importance of using the proper tanning lotion.

Tanning lotion not only prepares your skin for the tanning process but also helps to protect it. Easy Tan provides lotions that are specifically formulated to maximize indoor tanning. They are not the same as outdoor tanning lotions as they do not contain sunscreen or heavy mineral oil. Mineral oil may clog skin pores as well as damages the acrylic in the tanning beds. Tanning without applying indoor tanning lotion diminishes and delays your tan, as well as dries and ages your skin.

At your Melbourne, FL tanning salon we want you to have the best indoor tanning experience possible. Without applying proper indoor tanning lotion, you are not allowing yourself the best tan you could have.


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