Spray Tanning

If you are like many of our clients who prefer Spray Tans/Sunless Tans, then stop by Easy Tan in Melbourne. Whether you don’t have time to build up a natural sun-tan or if you simply prefer the ease and safety of spray tanning, we have options for everyone!

Smooth, Natural Looking Tan

Spray tanning mists your body with a premium DHA solution for a smooth, natural-looking, beautiful tan. If you need a great looking tan in a short amount of time and would prefer to avoid traditional tanning methods, this is the solution for you. Not only will you emerge with a flawless tan, you won’t have to worry about sun damage to the skin.

Custom Airbrushing

A completely customizable sunless session that is one-on-one with one of our certified airbrush specialists.

Private Pre-Set Booth:

Versa Spa or Versa Pro

How to Prepare for a Sunless Tan:

  • Be mindful of any personal beauty services – You want to make sure these are done prior to your spray tan. (Example: pedicures, waxing, etc.) Please call for more information if unsure!
  • Prep the skin at home before the session
    • Exfoliate and shave (12-24 hours beforehand is ideal)
    • Leave skin clean: meaning NO lotions, oils, deodorants on skin
  •  Bring loose, dark colored clothing and loose sandals to change into after the session. Tight clothing, leggings, sneakers, sports bras are a big no-no!
  • Be prepared to plan your day around your sunless session. You want to avoid direct moisture on the skin such as sweating, rain, body lotions, swimming, etc. for at least 4 hours after your session. Any additional time will result in deeper color. Talk with Easy Tan staff about your best plan.

How to Protect the longevity of your Sunless Tan:

  • After waiting the appropriate amount of tan development time (at least 4-6 hours), hop in the shower for a lukewarm water rinse.
    • NO body wash/loofahs/razors are to be used during this shower.
    • Just use a bare hand to buff off any cosmetic color and to cancel the further darkening of the spray tan.
    • After this shower it is safe to apply lotions, deodorants, make-up, etc.
  • Using a spray tan -safe body wash and moisturizer will be key in maintaining the beauty and evenness of your sunless tan.
    • Avoid “brightening” products.
    • Avoid body washes/ moisturizers that contain mineral oil, parabens and sulfates. We carry spray tan- safe products at Easy Tan!
      • If you purchase products the day of your sunless tan, you will receive 20% off  (-:
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs.
  • When showering, do not use exfoliants/loofahs until ready to remove sunless tan.
  • When using body wash, only use in areas where needed – underarms, groin, etc.
  • *Moisturize often*

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