Spray Tanning

If you are like many of our clients who prefer UV Free Tanning, frequently referred to as a Spray Tan, then stop by Easy Tan in Melbourne or Viera. We know you don’t always have time to hit the beach when you need a tan so choose one of our sunless options which will ensure a total body tan that is evenly colored and can’t give you a sunburn!

Smooth, Natural Looking Tan

Spray tanning in Melbourne, Florida mists your body with premium bronzers, moisturizers and DHA for a smooth, natural-looking, beautiful tan. If you need a great looking tan in a short amount of time and would prefer to avoid traditional tanning methods, this is the solution for you. Not only will you emerge with a flawless tan, you won’t have to worry about getting sunburnt. This is an wonderful benefit if you have an event to attend and need a boost of color. It’s not only embarrassing when you are as red as a lobster but painful too. Don’t take chances with the sun because the results may not be what you need, come on by and get your spray tan in Melbourne or Viera!

VersaSpa & Norvell Arena Airbrush Spray Tan


Versa Pro

We Carry The Best Brands

At Easy Tan Salon & Spa, We offer name brand tanning products such as Supre Tan Smart, Designer Skin, Devoted Creations and Ed Hardy. Living in Florida you may think that indoor tanning or spray tanning isn’t necessary, however it provides more benefits than exposing your skin to the sun.

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