Colder Winter, Hotter Summer

Easy Tan has been here to keep your tan looking fresh throughout the chilly winter, but we thought you should know that the worst of winter temperatures is behind us, and we’re looking forward to a blazing summer.

If you thought this winter was cooler than usual, you were correct. February temperatures have been about five degrees lower than average. But have no fear, as the coldest temperatures Florida will see this winter already took place during November, December, and January. These cooler temperatures may have put a damper on your outdoor tanning, however the cooler winter means an even longer and hotter summer. Summer temperatures will be higher than average, especially during mid June to early July, as well as early August. Rainfall may even be below the normal levels.

Don’t let the unpredictable Florida weather keep your from your optimal image. No matter how hot, cold, rainy, or not so rainy it gets, your Melbourne, FL tanning salon will be here to keep your tan dark and even all year long.


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