UV Tanning Beds

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Level 4 Sunbeds

Plus 4! (15 min.)

Magic Plus 4 tanning bed, melbourne florida tanning

A high pressure tanning bed that makes establishing a base tan much easier – usually only taking 3-5 sessions. The tan will also last longer and require less maintenance.

The Benefit of high-pressure tanning beds is that they use lighting designed to filter out most of the UVB light, while letting just enough to shine through and stimulate the melanocytes, resulting in more UVA light reaching the melanin.

“Bubba” (10 min.)

KBL Suntan Bed, Melbourne Florida tanning

The KBL Intellisun, aka our “Bubba” bed, is the next generation of high pressure tanning. Older high pressure tanning beds only tan the inner layers of the skin, leaving the outer layer unchanged. The client will only see the tanned skin after the outer layer exfoliates off.

Our “Bubba”, Intellisun, has the ability of tanning both the inner and outer layers of the skin. This means you will see results after the session AND after exfoliation. For your comfort, this bed has water misters, powerful facial tanners, shoulder tanners, music, AC, special P2 lamps for more Vitamin D and aroma therapy. You can also choose your preferred UV setting to enjoy a more customized tanning session.

Level 3 Sunbeds

“Bubba Jr” (10 min.)

KBL 6800 tan bed, melbourne florida tanningOur KBL 6800 Alpha, aka “Bubba Jr” has:

  • 54 Bronzing Lamps
  • 4 powerful facial lamps
  • An extended canopy for extra room

This bed also includes strong AC, special P2 lamps for more Vitamin D and music. The music in this bed comes pre-programmed but a complimentary aux. cord is provided to listen to your own music on your cell phone/mp3.

“MegaSun” (12 min.)

This bed is equipped with 44 body bulbs, 4 facial tanners and an extended canopy to give clients a comfortable amount of room during their tanning session. This bed is unique in the salon as it is the only one that has frosted acrylic- what this means is that the UV light is diffused.

Stand-Up (7 min.)

sun capsule tanning bed, melbourne florida tanning

The SunCapsule is the most powerful stand up in the area.

It has 54 220 Watt bronzing lamps that surround you.

There is a strong, cool breeze to maintain your comfort.

Stand Ups are excellent for tanning those hard to tan areas.

FASTEST Stand-Up in Brevard! Only 7 minutes!

Level 2 (12 min.) & Level 1 (15 min.) Sunbeds