UV Tanning Beds

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Level 4 Magic Plus 4!

Magic Plus 4 tanning bed, melbourne florida tanning

High pressure tanning beds make establishing a base tan much easier, usually only taking 3-5 sessions. The tan will also last longer and require less maintenance.

The Benefit of high-pressure tanning beds is that they use lighting designed to filter out most of the UVB light while letting just enough shine through to stimulate the melanocytes result in more UVA light reaching the melanin.

Level 4 KBL 6800 Alpha Intellisun 10 Min. Mega Bed

KBL Suntan Bed, Melbourne Florida tanning

The KBL Intellisun is the Next Generation of High Pressure Tanning. Old High Pressure Tanning Beds Only Tan the Inner Layers ofSkin, leaving the Outer Layer of Skin Un Changed. The Tanner Only Sees the Tan Skin After the Outer Skin Exfoliates Off.

The Intellisun Has the Ability of Tanning the Inner and Outer Skin Layers, and as Your Outer Skin Exfoliates Off, the Skin Now Coming to the Surface is Already Tan. For Your Comfort, this Mega Bed has Misters, AC and Aroma Therapy.   You Can Tan in the Intellisun for Less Than $2.35 a day.

Level 3 KBL 6800 Alpha 10 Min. Mega Bed

KBL 6800 tan bed, melbourne florida tanningThe KBL 6800 Alpha in Brand New To Our Salon. This Mega Bed has:

  • 48 Bronzing Lamps
  • 160 Watt Lamps  In the Canopy and
  • 180 Watt Lamps In the Bench.

The Facial Lamps are Powerful, a Total of 2000 Watts. Bring Your MP3 Player, Plug it in and Listen.

You Can Tan in the KBL Alpha for Less Than $2 a Day!

Level 3 SunCapsule 7 Min. Stand Up

sun capsule tanning bed, melbourne florida tanning

The SunCapsule is the Most Powerful Stand Up in the Area.

It has 54 220 Watt Bronzing Lamps that  Surround You.

There is a Cool Breeze to Maintain Your Comfort.

Stand Ups are Excellent for Tanning Those Hard to Tan Area’s.

You Can Tan in the SunCapsule for Less Than $2 a Day!

FASTEST Stand-Up in Brevard! Only 7 minutes!

Level 2 Europa 12 Min. Bed

europa 12 minute bed, melbourne florida tanning

The Europa Bed is Powerful with:

  • 34 – 160 Watt Bronzing Lamps and
  • 3 – 400 Watt Facials Lamps.

The Europa Offers Faster, Deeper Tan In Less Time.

Level 1 Ambition  15 Min. Bed