Red Light Therapy – Melbourne Only

Innovations In Skin Care

red light therapyWe are Very Excited about Our New Light Therapy Chair. You Can Clear Up Acne or Take Years Off your Facial Appearance with Light Therapy Discovered by NASA.

Anti Aging Light Therapy
Independent Research Demonstrates that Certain Cells in the Skin Can be Encouraged to Produce Collagen, Elastin and Certain Enzymes that are Imperative to the Skin’s Supportive Structure Through a Process that Combines Specific Ingredients Delivered Through Topically Applied Skincare Products with Light Waves of Precisely 633 Nanometers.

This Process Results in the Vascular Walls of the Skin’s Small Blood Vessels being Strengthened, and Result in Improved Oxygenation and Detoxification of the Skin. Hydration is Increased and the Ability of the Skin to Retain Moisture Improves. Increased Cellular Activity, Improved Natural Repair, and Creation of Healthy Skin Conditions More Conducive to Cell Regeneration also Follows. Use of a Special Targeted Delivery System Enables Results Obvious to the Naked Eye that May Include Improved Skin Clarity, Tone and Texture, and Minimization of Fine Lines and Wrinkles While Reversing the Effects of Sun Damage and Chronological Aging.