Easy Tan Salon & Spa
Easy Tan Salon & Spa
Versa Spa Sunless UV-Free Tanning Melbourne Florida
Versa Spa Sunless UV-Free Tanning Melbourne Florida
State of the art Tanning KBL 6800
State of the art Tanning KBL 6800
Hydration Station
Hydration Station

OCTOBERS’s Specials

Stand Up to Breast Cancer! Tan From Now till the End of the Year for $99!!

- That's 3 Month's ($33 @ Month)


- Teeth Whitening ... $69 for 2 Sessions!

Lotion Special:

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Sunless Tanning:

- Get Level 3 Upgrade Free!

- Hand held Airbrushes $35! HYDRATION STATION is Only $19.99! Relax and Also Get 3X Darker with Your Tan!

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- 1/2 price upgrades Everyday!

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- Get 1 free Session in Red Light Therapy this month!

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For other GREAT TANNING SPECIALS, stop by 1 of our 2 convenient locations!



High pressure tanning beds make establishing a base tan much easier, and takes only minutes.


Rejuvenate your skin with one of our three new anti-aging therapies! Call today

Skin Care

We are excited about our new light therapy chair. Start today for a clear and glowing complexion

Teeth Whitening

Have whiter teeth today with our dazzling teeth whitening system! Your smile will sparkle

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More Choices at Easy Tan

When you are looking for a Melbourne Florida Tanning Salon, look no further than Easy Tan Salon & Spa! We give you the choice of face only and legs only. Our clients that choose to tan in our sun beds like this option to enhance their legs and face color.

You will be pleased with the results of our private spray booth. Walk in pale, walk out tan. Specialty lotions have been developed to enhance and prolong your spray tan. They are all available to try, and a member of our team would be happy to help you pick out the right product for your skin and tanning goals.

State-of-the-Art Tanning Beds

The KBL Intellisun is the next generation of high-pressure tanning. Old high pressure tanning beds only tan the inner layers of skin, leaving the outer layer of skin unchanged. The tanner only sees the tan skin after the outer skin exfoliates off.

The Intellisun has the ability of tanning the inner and outer skin layers, and as your outer skin exfoliates off, the skin now coming to the surface is already tan. For your comfort, this Megabed has misters, air conditioning, and aroma therapy. You can tan in the Intellisun for just dollars a day.