Tan now to protect your skin this summer!

At Easy Tan Salon & Spa, we’re interested in your beauty and your health! And as we wind up these colder Florida months, it’s time to begin thinking about sweet summer time. But before you get pumped about new bikinis and your toes in the sand, remember that now is the time to take care of your summer skin.

Sun exposure is often misunderstood as unhealthy. Sun exposure provides a boost of vitamin D and it enhances your sense of well-being. It’s sun burn that causes the most damage, and your tan is what protects you from too much sun exposure.

If you’re trying to avoid sunburn on an upcoming cruise, beach week, or spring break trip, now is the perfect time to begin building your protective base tan. With regular tanning, you can slowly build up your tan so that when you are out in the sun, you’re protected from overexposure.

Take care of your summer skin now and come build your base tan at Easy Tan Salon & Spa your Melbourne tanning salon for beautiful, healthy, protected skin!


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