Collagen Red O2 Pod – Melbourne Only

We are proud to offer The Collagen Red O2 Pod to our spa and clients. This pod is a top of the line unit in Hydrofusion™ technology. We ensure you that this unit will have you feeling healthy, relaxed, and all around feeling great!

Easy Tan Salon & Spa Collagen Red O2 Pod

Vitamins | Aroma | Lights


What is Hydrofusion™ and how can The Collagen Red O2 Pod benefit my health?

Hydrofusion™ is the process of combining a blanket of radiant heat and steam. The Natural Anti-Aging & Relaxation System focuses on the whole body and can rid you of up to 600 calories. It also hydrates your skin, opens clogged pores, and removes bodily toxins all at once. This combination of processes is a great metabolism booster.



Other satisfying benefits:

  • Cultivates the skin with aloe and vitamins C & E combined with other formulas.
  • Adds an oscillating massage, choice of music, and atmospheric lights to calm your very soul.
  • Leaves you feeling rejuvenated and  fully relaxed.
  • You’ll get better results than going to a traditional steam sauna.
  • Helps ease a multitude of health conditions you may have.

All these great additions are restoring your mind and body while indulging in the health infused Hydrofusion™ process.