The worlds first Collarium

Mon Amie- for timeless beautiful skin

Mon Amie is new and unique. It is specially developed for women, who have special demands on their skin.

Mon Amie is the world’s first collarium. Mon Amie is for EVERY women, because it offers a treatment that responds to feminine wishes and desires: beauty, attractiveness, well-being and gorgeous appearance.

Mon Amie – with collagen plus

Timeless beauty: the light spectrum of the especially developed collagen plus tubes rebuilds the collagen depositories. Lines and wrinkles will be reduced. The skin looks fundamentally smoother and fresher.

Collagen plus returns lost elasticity to the skin. The skin’s moisture content is improved over the entire body. Pure anti-aging!

UV light – healing power of the sun

In addition, UV-light provides a beautiful, gently-tanned complexion. “mon amie”, the world’s first Collarium, combines Collagen Plus tubes with UV-light, with the optional both or collagen treatment only.

The healing power of the sun becomes noticeable. It produces the sun vitamin D3 and induces bio-positive effects. Pure health and beauty.

UV light- Healing power of the sun

Mon Amie is equipped with a medical skin sensor. This sensor measures the concentration of the skins melanin and determines the skin type. Therefore it takes care for and individual and safe tanning session. Pure safety