Hydration Station- Viera Location Only

The Hydration Station is the first revolutionary system that provides the skin surface with warm topical smoothing moisture. Easy Tan’s Hydration station compliments the affects of many professional tanning products. Skin is drenched by a proprietary combo of radiant heat and steam known as hydro-fusion.

Lie back and indulge as you are toured through a rainbow while your mind and body enjoy the sensations.

hydration station

Prepare – Prolong – Protect

Prepare – Used before a UV tan to prepare skin
Prolong – Extends the period of time a spray tan can last
Protect – Replenishes, moisturizes and hydrates the skin

Our Hydration Station in Melbourne and Viera offers superior performance through its many features;
Ceramic radiant heat admitters produce heat in the body chamber to deliver ambient warmth, while the hydration station system steam vapor covers the skin. The combination of ambiant heat & steam keeps topical product moist and pliable. Every session includes oxygen science concentrates to drench the body in a delightful bath featuring natural botanicals, minerals, aloe vera and skin care nutrients’ Vitamins D & C to replenish the nutrients your body loses everyday.

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